The Beginning

The Beginning

This is my very first blog post…. EVER!

I literally created my website 3 years ago. Yes, you heard me right 3 YEARS! I knew I wanted to create a blog where I could be a resource for everyday living.  Skin care, hair, home, fashion, recipes and of coarse mom hacks. The problem I ran into was I was so self conscious of what people would think.

“Is she kidding me?”

“That will never work?”

As I have gotten little older, had two kids (15 months apart) , two dogs, moved our family across the country for my hubbies job.  I realized something.

I am not doing this to please everyone. Im doing this because I love to talk to people about everyday living.

Whether you are a working mom, stay at home, college student, or boss babe. We are all strong women who look to each other for support, comfort, advice and friendship.

Each few day I will feature a product, person, recipes, home decor, OOTD, or ways to keep your toddler busy.

So excited to start this adventure with ya’ll by my side!



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