Fall is around the corner PEOPLE!!!

When the fire is going and you have a big knitted sweater on. All you want for dinner is comfort food. Am I right??!?!?!?!

I made this recipe up on a cold rainy day when I didn’t want to go to the store with two toddlers ….. Who can relate to that??? I opened up the cabinet and said to myself I’m hungry and I’m making dinner.  Annnddd…… Its going to be good!!

It was not good the first time lol. But as time went on I was finally able to perfect it and now I make this recipe at least once a week.

Hope your family enjoys it as much as mine


1  Orange Bell Pepper
1  Yellow Bell Pepper
1 to 2 - Jalapeño ( depending on heat level)
1 Sweet Onion
1 - Can Ro-Tel Diced Tomato & Green Chillies 10oz
We use the Hot version. For everyone else that likes to feel their 
tongue the next day. I would do the original. 

1 - Can  Diced Tomatoes Green Pepper with Celery & Onion 14.5oz 
( I use the Hunts brand)
1 - Package Smoked Polish Sausage 13oz
2 - Chicken Breast Diced
1 - Cup of Mahatma extra long grain rice
2 - Cups of beef broth
2tbs - Cajun Seasoning 
There are soooooo many kinds of cajan season. The brand I use is 
1/8th tsp - Cayenne Pepper
1tbs - Olive oil

Time to start cooking

There is a lot of chopping for this recipe! So I normally chop all 
the veggies ahead of time. Or enlist my hubby as my sous chef.
Chop peppers, onions and jalapeños into small cubes. Remove seeds 
from jalapeños.
*If you like heat, like me, then you want to keep the seeds from the 
Dice chicken breast into bit size pieces. 
Slice polish sausage
Brown chicken with 1tbsp. Olive oil & Sprinkle 1tsp. of cajun 
seasoning.Remove chicken from pan & place on paper towel.
Brown Sausage with 1tbsp. cajun seasoning. Then remove from pan and 
set aside with chicken.
Place peppers and onions in pan with 1tbsp. Olive oil and sprinkle 
1tsp. of cajun seasoning & cayenne pepper (optional) 

Let your peppers and onions sweat!!!!! 

 *I get asked a lot what does that mean. Same as when you sweat and 
 you start to have a fragrances lol.
 Add both cans of tomatoes, beef broth, chicken, sausage and veggies
and remaining seasoning to the pot.
Turn heat to high. Once boiling add rice. 

Reduce heat to low and cover. Let simmer for 22-25 min or until rice is soft



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