Poached Salmon in Coconut Milk

Poached Salmon in Coconut Milk



I am always trying to think of something new to do with dinner. We have salmon once a week, baked in the oven. BORING! I decided this week would be different. My husband was a little hesitate about the change. **Note- I have to hide vegetables in his meals just like I do with our toddlers. Guess what people, he LOVED IT!

YASSSS win for mom!!

This recipe can be made in 30 minutes!!! Which for me if it takes longer than 30 minutes….. I’m not making it!

I’m kidding, I’m kidding…. Well kind of kidding.


4 Salmon Filets

1 Zucchini

1 Red Bell Pepper

1 Tbsp Thai Style Curry Spice blend

1 13oz Canned Coconut Milk

1/4 cup Sweet chili sauce ( I used hot so make sure to look at the label)

1/4 tsp Salt

1/8 tsp Pepper

1/2 tsp onion powder

1 tsp minced garlic

Time to cook!

Start chopping!

Chop bell pepper in bite size pieces. I peel the skin off the zucchini and chop into same size pieces so everything cooks evenly.

Go head and get your favorite skillet out (must have a lid) and pour about a tbsp of olive oil . Heat to medium high heat. 

Season your fillets with salt, pepper and onion powder on both sides. 

**I don’t use salmon with skin on for this recipe, but you definitely can!

Place Salmon in pan and brown both sides. This will only take a few minutes. You will know when its ready because the filets will release from the pan easily. *** IF you try and the salmon is sticking to the pan DO NOT FLIP IT!!!!! I repeat…. DO NOT FLIP IT!! Keep in mind the filets don’t need to be cooked through, just browned. 

Remove salmon and place to the side.

Pour a small amount of olive oil in pan and dump  your chopped veggies in, cook till soft about 4 minutes.

Add garlic and cook till fragrant. No longer than 30 seconds or the garlic will burn and nobody likes burnt garlic. YUCK!

Then add coconut milk, sweet chili sauce and Thai Style Curry Spice blend and mix. Here is the curry Spice mix I like to use.

Curry Spice

Bring heat to low and add salmon close lid and cook for 10 mins. Making sure the sauce is simmering not boiling.

Serve immediately with side of rice.

Enjoy, xoxo


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