Home Projects

Home Projects

When my husband told me he was offered a job in Charlotte, NC.  I was both excited and super nervous. Not only would we be moving our whole family across the country but to a place we had NEVER been to no less.

Flash forward to the day I walked up the stairs to our dream home! My husband had a work call he had to take, so I walked in first. I immediately knew this was the house we were going to raise our family in! And my  favorite part was there were little projects we could start right away.

A few coats of paint here……. a little German smear there……… Do we need this wall ????

As I gazed through the kitchen window to a beautiful wooded back yard.

***We were moving from Scottsdale, AZ aka brown and lots of Cacti. Yes, that is the plural for cactus. See I taught you something already.

My husband walked in and said, and I quote ” This is going to be an expensive day. Where do we sign.”

And here were are…

Hope you enjoy following along on our home renovation projects.


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