King of Christmas

King of Christmas

As many of you know we moved to Charlotte, NC  in February. When looking at houses there are many things we considered…. Is there enough space for our growing family, is the foundation stable, when was the HVAC replaced and of coarse. Where is the CHRISTMAS TREE going to go!!!!!! Flash forward to our first holiday season in our new home and I was so torn as to where our tree should go…….. The formal living room or the family room?!?!?!?


AHHHH…  I was going back and forth. We sit in the family room all the time with the kiddos.  I definitely wanted the tree in there. BUUUTTTT when they go to bed my hubby and I love to sit in the formal living room by the fire.  Soooooo I decided I wanted one in each room!


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Or so I though……. Our formal living room has beautiful shelves on each side of the fireplace and of course I’m going to decorate the shelves with Christmas decortations. But I wanted to make sure the whole room was the focal point not just the corner where the tree sits. So that is when I decided I would do two pencil trees. Then your eyes are drawn to the entire room.

I did my research and found King of Christmas and OMG it came out PREFECT!!!!!

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